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Keratoconus is a progressive, degenerative eye disorder in which the cornea thins out, with its domed shape starting to bulge out and become cone-like. This distortion of the cornea can cause visual problems like blurred vision or difficulty with seeing objects up close or at a distance.


Who Should be Concerned?


While no one cause of keratoconus has been identified, it seems to have a genetic component. Continuous or vigorous rubbing of the eyes may trigger keratoconus, with a link to other medical conditions such as hay fever, glaucoma and sleep apnoea also being identified.


Keratoconus Symptoms


In the beginning, keratoconus symptoms can include blurred or distorted vision, increased sensitivity to light and eye redness or swelling. In the more severe stages, the blurring and distortion will increase, myopia or astigmatism may worsen, and contact lenses will not be able to fit the eye properly.

Treatment: We Can Help


The Optometrist provide treatment for keratoconus in Melbourne, often beginning with prescription glasses to correct your vision. Other treatment options include:


  • Contact lenses – Hard or hybrid lenses may be prescribed, as these are able to mask the abnormal shape of the cornea while improving vision.
  • Gas permeable contact lenses, or orthokeratology lenses – Capable of correcting the distortion of the cornea to provide clearer, long-lasting vision
  • Corneal ring segments
  • Corneal collagen cross-linking
  • Keratoplasty


If you have been looking for a tailored treatment for keratoconus in Melbourne, The Optometrist in Glen Iris are the team to count on. Call us or book an appointment online today.