Dry Eyes? We Can Help. Knowledgeable And Experienced Optometrists
The Optometrist is a boutique Optometry Clinic offering the best in healthcare for your eyes. We service the local area around Stockland, Tooronga.
Optometrist Glen Iris Tooronga
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Dry Eyes In Tooronga

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition caused by insufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye. Symptoms of dry eye can range from a mild irritation to severe inflammation. If you have been looking to ease your dry eyes, Tooronga’s The Optometrist can help.

We provide solutions that go beyond off-the-shelf eye drops, targeting the root cause of your dry eyes. Dry eyes are commonly as a result of blocked Meibomian glands, with various treatments being available to unblock the glands and promote proper oil production.


Our optometrists begin with conducting tests to determine the severity and cause of your dry eyes. This includes quantitative assessments and digital records of your Meibomian gland quality, eye redness, tear film breakup time and lipid layer quality. We then create a treatment plan with this information, offering suggestions from Blephadex wipes to technological treatments like LipiFlow, Blephasteam and IPL. After undergoing treatment for dry eyes, Tooronga locals will also receive information on how best to manage their condition with lifestyle changes, supplements and more.


From mild symptoms all the way to debilitating dry eyes, Tooronga residents can count on The Optometrist to create a tailored treatment plan for their dry eye syndrome. In addition to dry eye treatment, The Optometrist also offer eye tests, contact lenses, glasses, orthokeratology and more. Call us today to see how we can help you!